Moisturising • Matte-Effect • Non-Oily


UVA & UVB Triple Sunscreens prevent skin darkening. Herbal Multi-Vitamin +® A, B, C & E nourish, protect & control formation of skin darkening pigments. Reduces discolourations & promotes more even-skin tone. Improves skin health, making skin softer, smoother & fairer.


100% Natural Active Extracts: Rose + Marigold + Turmeric + Carrot + Wheatgerm + Lime + Arnica + Soya


Is this Fairness Cream better for me?

Yes! Because the Real Herbs® contained in it give you lasting real fairness- without harmful bleach & synthetic chemicals.


How does this Fairness Cream work for me?

Herbal Multi vitamin +®

nourishment from Real Herbs® acts faster to treat your skin from inside to make it healthy, glowing & fairer on the outside.