About Us


Janet Ayurvedics (Pvt) Ltd is the pioneer in the manufacture of Ayurvedic beauty and personal care in Sri Lanka. Since 1961, we have been producing natural skin and hair care preparations on a small scale. In 1991 the Company embarked on a program of research and development especially aimed at presenting a range of herbal beauty preparations incorporating Ayurvedic medicinal formulae and the latest advancements in western skin science.


Five years later, in 1996 the JANET AYURVEDA – Health & Skin Care Range comprising of nearly 50 different herbal and Ayurvedic preparations for skin, hair and body care; was launched nationally. In a short period of six months from launch, sales of this range achieved market leadership status in Sri Lanka’s herbal beauty care market.


JANET AYURVEDA –has now entered the global beauty care market in international quality packaging and has been the recipient of two world quality commitment awards in Paris (2004) and London (2006) in recognition of its continuous quest for high quality natural products.


With the great success of our own brand, Janet Ayurveda, we have also ventured into the design and manufacture of personal care brands for prestigious chain stores and luxury hotels both local and overseas. We carefully amalgamate the expertise of Janet Ayurveda in natural beauty care and the style and feel of the brands we work with to formulate various new products.


We look to the future with confidence. As the world return to the east to re-discover the wonders of centuries old natural therapies, JANET AYURVEDA is poised to offer discerning global consumers safe, effective, nature based product alternatives to enrich the quality of life… Naturally.